Why Hire Us?

Some potential clients ask us, "Do you do wills?"  Like many other local attorneys, we do in fact draft wills, but that is where the similarity between our firm and other firms typically ends.

Our firm is highly focused on working with clients to design and implement comprehensive estate plans for any size estate.  A comprehensive plan is not defined merely by executing a will.  While a will may be the center of the plan, it should not be your entire plan.   

Our business model is founded on providing all of our clients with an asset audit that examines "probate assets" (those assets that will pass via your will) and "non-probate" assets (those that pass outside of your will) to ensure that all of your assets will pass to your beneficiaries in a coordinated and effective manner.  We also recommend that all of our clients join our Legacy Annual Maintenance Program to guarantee that your estate plan is periodically reviewed by your attorney to determine if your existing plan remains the most effective plan. 

When hiring an attorney to draft your estate planning documents, we suggest that you ask at least the following questions:

  • Do estate planning matters represent the vast majority of your business?
  • Do you include an audit of non-probate assets in your fee and does your firm include funding assistance (e.g., for Revocable Living Trusts) and beneficiary designation assistance in all cases?
  • Do you utilize a state of the art estate planning drafting software tool, such as WealthDocs, to prepare custom estate plans?  Or do you simply edit a previous client's plan, hoping that it is close enough to work?
  • Do you offer an annual maitenance plan to guarantee that the client's plan is annually reviewed?  
  • Do you provide each client with an Estate Planning Portfolio Binder to organize everything they and their family members will need when the time arises?  Do you provide each client with an electronic version of each signed document on a flash drive?  Do you offer online storage of their estate planning documents via a cloud service like LegalVault?

Some potential clients also ask us why they should pay higher fees for our services when they can prepare their own estate planning documents via an online service, like LegalZoom.  The answer is quite simply, you are paying for my years of experience and knowledge of local laws and strategies.  Your online will, if properly executed, may be valid, but it will not likely provide the comprehensive and coordinated estate planning that you think you are buying.  Even if you elect not hire our firm, I caution you against using an online service for such an important issue. 

At the Law Offices of James S. McClellan, we make estate planning our primary focus and the unique services that we provide our clients prove it.  We "do wills" and much, much more.  We can answer Yes! to each of the questions listed above. 

If you would like to discuss your estate planning options, please call our office at (610) 444-5552. 

McClellan Legal LLC is located in Kennett Square and serves clients throughout the areas of Avondale, Chadds Ford, Coatesville, Downingtown, Landenberg, Oxford, Phoenixville, Pottstown, West Chester, & West Grove.

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